Hauptli’s Guide to Writing Philosophy Papers

18 July 2022

As you rewrite and edit, ask yourself whether your friends, for example, could understand the problem, the arguments, and the thesis you are defending given only what you have written. An unedited paper is like an unfinished piece of furniture, it can fill up space, and it can be quite serviceable, but it is not a finished https://essayreply.com/essay-structure/hook/ piece of work which the crafts-person may be proud of. Indeed, students often find it helpful to have one of their friends read over their drafts and make editing suggestions. As one develops such critical comparisons and expositions to greater and greater extents, one finds one’s essays growing more and more original.

Such a paper has a thesis—itargues for or against some point. It develops reasons for maintaining that the philosopher’s view is adequate ; that it is subject to some basic flaw, contradiction, or problem; or for maintaining that philosopher A’s view is superior to philosopher B’s view. In my courses the assigned topics are designed to elicit this sort of critical exposition and analysis. If you focus your attention carefully upon the topic you choose well written philosophy essay , you should find it natural to develop such a paper. The foregoing is a good guide to composing an initial rough draft of a term paper for an undergraduate philosophy class. Different instructors might not agree with all of my recommendations; however, most will agree with most of them. Once a student receives feedback from her instructor on a rough draft, she will be able to fine-tune the paper to the instructor’s particular preferences.

Philosophy Essay Topics

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They call upon you to reason and to argue for some position, in either agreement or disagreement with an author. This requires you both to interpret the author plausibly and to provide cogent considerations for your positions. I think there is probably greater emphasis on argumentation than in some other disciplines; an insight or clever idea is great, but it must be adequately supported. Clarity and precision in writing are also very important, since any looseness or ambiguity can undermine or obscure the meaning of a claim.

Good Philosophy Essay Introduction

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What are good hooks for essays?

  • Your title is your first hook.
  • Drop your readers into the middle of the action.
  • Form an emotional connection.
  • Make a surprising statement.
  • Leave your reader with questions.
  • Stay away from description.
  • Once you have your reader's attention, keep it.

To do this, your paper does have to show some independent thinking. Sometimes you will be in a better position to write an introduction after you have written the main body of your paper, for you will then have a better idea of what your argument really is.

How to do well in Philosophy

If this is the case, then you will need to select an aspect of the text that you find particularly interesting, troubling, exciting, confusing, or problematic. By an aspect of the article, I do not mean a particular section of words or bits of language; I mean a claim or set of claims to which the author is committed, either by explicitly arguing for them, or presupposing them. I’ve been enjoying academic writing since day one in college. Today, having a full-time job, I’m still looking forward to writing essays and research papers online for others. When you have already chosen something, read it aloud and try to think about keywords by writing them down in a list. Once done, connect your essay topic with the thesis statement.

The main Sartre’s characters Garcin, Estelle, and Inez are just ordinary people who found themselves in the hell and do not want to declare the reasons for their damnation. The philosopher was confident that the existence of a person is their beliefs, their principles in life and views on the reality which they construe differently. The characters in the play are people who lost their values and faith, they are sinful but still, want to justify https://essayreply.com/what-is-an-essay/narrative-essay/literacy/ their deeds. It is important to say that Sartre here negatively depicts his existentialist ideas, telling the reader about the straight dependence of our identity and existence from others and their opinions. “Remember you’re not alone; you’ve no right to inflict the sight of your fear on me” (Sartre, “No Exit”) Moreover, we are those whom others want us to be, people try to be recognized and accepted and that is their core of existence.

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This involves exposition like the previous assignment type but evaluation as well. In short, always strive to express yourself in the simplest, clearest, and most precise terms possible. The paper should demonstrate a strong grasp and command of the material from the course. Remember that accuracy is still important regarding fine details—even minor differences in words can drastically change the meaning of a sentence. In the article I basically survey every published writing guide for undergraduates as well as some online ones, so it may serve as a good reference list for the purposes of this discussion thread. Justify your thesis by providing points to either support or oppose your argument. Identify the potential and strong objections that your audience may raise and prepare a response to them.

  • Particularly strong on argumentation, narrative, and style.
  • ” Or you might say to yourself, “Some people will feel disapproval of the doctor’s action, but others will approve, so how should we decide whether the action is wrong or not?
  • It is extremely important to note that a central core of any critical and analytical philosophy paper will be the clear and careful exposition of the position under consideration.
  • Often the cases aren’t especially realistic, just as the conditions in a scientific laboratory are different from those in the outside world.